Wild Life Photo Expedition

 Documenting and exploring the art of capturing images of the "wild" life.

Photographic Expeditionist is the documentation of a personal journey into the arts of wilderness, adventure and wildlife photography, to explore and learn, but most of all share. I hope that the experiences, techniques and resources you find here will be an inspiration and useful tool for you as you explore and learn
Starting at Siskiyou Pass, Oregon and traveling South on June 1st 2010 via the Pacific Crest Trail, I will be living in the wild and photographing on the go as I study and document the beauty and scientific wonder of the landscape and natural habitats of California's wilderness.

My goal is to study wilderness photography up close and personal, using the dynamic lighting of natural elements such as wind, clouds, storms and sunlight to create an array of beautiful and stunning images of some of America's most beautiful landscape.

Camera Gear for this Operation:
Nikon D200
Sigma 12-24mm lens
Nikon 50mm lens
Sing-Ray .9 ND Grad
Sing Ray .7 ND Grad